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Company Profile


For the past 20 years, OnlineSecurity has been helping attorneys and other legal professionals navigate the issues surrounding Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in litigation.  Half our work comprises an ESI consulting practice delivering advice on topics such as case planning and strategy, facilitating productive meet and confers, crafting the right questions for depositions, framing ESI response plans, or targeted discovery requests, providing effective declarations, and expert testimony.  The other half of our business is composed of Technical Litigation Support.  At the core of this practice are defensible collections and preservation, leveraging computer forensics and other methodologies for the filtering, analysis, and processing of the collected data; ultimately enabling our clients to exploit Technology Assisted Review (TAR) to identify and review relevant, responsive, material within an integrated, powerful, yet easy to learn, and tremendously cost effective, cloud based platform.


A vital component of our brand of Comprehensive Litigation Support is a focus on Cost Containment through every step of our E-Discovery Life Cycle and includes the following service categories and topics:


ESI Consulting


Cost containment begins with the targeting of relevant information and controlling the volume of collected material.  


ESI Consulting


IT Discovery


Corporate Incident Response


Expert Witness Testimony



Information Technology Forensics & Targeted Collections


This step in the process is dependent on the matter at hand and dictates the collection methodology.  Often a combination of Computer Forensics and Targeted Collections serves the objectives of the case while reducing costs.


Computer Forensics


On-Site & Remote Targeted Collections


Evidence Harvesting


Network Forensics



Comprehensive Client Services


Over the past decade Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) has grown in its importance to the legal process.   Concurrently it gained a reputation for being one of the most expensive cost points in litigation.  During the formative period of this litigation lifecycle process, it was rife with pricing models that served to create confusion in the marketplace. However, the industry has matured and many of the pricing models have normalized.  The fact that it is an electronic process contributes to its role as one of the most cost effective mechanisms for processing the large volumes of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) typical of litigation today.  Our solution is an online collaborative platform, supporting, as needed, multiple reviewers from multiple law firms.


The OnlineSecurity Process


Aside from industry leading, reasonable, EDD fees, OnlineSecurity leverages its extensive background in ESI Consulting and Computer Forensics to target and collect only the data that is relevant to the matter at hand. We then apply cost effective Pre-Processing, ie:  de-duplication, removal of system files, and other non-user created information, thereby reducing the universe of data.  Decreasing the volume of data prior to ingestion into the EDD platform, combined with  hands on project management, significantly impacts the cost efficiency of Electronic Discovery. 




A transparent pricing model is at the core of our EDD services.  We provide efficient ESI Consulting, Defensible Preservation, Analysis, Pre-Processing, and Expert Testimony on a reasonable hourly basis. Our integrated, easy to learn, high performance, EDD/Online Review Platform is based upon our very cost effective flat per GB rates.  Upon ingestion, you are enabled to conduct your own advanced search and sort, tag for privilege or production, redact, convert on the fly from Native to PDF or TIFF, and much more.  The repository is yours to use as you need for a period of one year with no monthly fees for unlimited users or existing data. 

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