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Computer Forensics Experts


What kind of data collection do you need?  It depends on the case, however, typically, Computer Forensic Preservation is called for when discreet discovery of ESI is required and the search includes recently deleted files.  This collection can be directed at individual computer systems, servers, cell phones, and tablets. A Forensic image is a comprehensive bit by bit snapshot of everything on a hard drive, or other digital device, including system files and other non-user created data.  This is the search for the proverbial Smoking Gun.  Computer Forensics is applied reliably in several scenarios:


Employer Protection Program – Defensibly preserving information potentially relevant to a future legal matter such as a wrongful termination complaint. 


Cell Phone Forensics – Identifying and preserving existing cell phone information such as email, texts, directories, and call history.


Data Pre-Processing – Reducing the volume of data ingested into an E-Discovery application thus reducing the cost of EDD Processing and Attorney Review.


Detailed Analysis – Diving in the DNA of a preserved universe of data.


Deleted File Recovery – Reconstructing recently deleted files. 



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