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Expert Witness Testimony


For the past 17 years, OnlineSecurity has helped clients succeed in civil litigation. During the course of our electronic discovery, we have uncovered key evidence and, through our experts’ testimony, we have swayed decisions, leveraged better settlements, and provided cause for dismissal. Our eDiscovery experts have extensive trial experience testifying on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal court. OnlineSecurity’s expert witnesses are comprised of IT professionals and senior forensic engineers. They have testified on a wide range of technology, forensics, discovery, and security topics including those described in the following service categories:


Computer forensic methodologies and techniques covering forensic protocols, chain of custody, and forensic analysis supporting the authenticity of evidence and the surrounding discovery.


Information Technology discovery involving intellectual property theft, digital trespass, code comparisons, and malware.


Security systems, policies and procedures, wherein we deliver expert opinion as to whether digital assets are or are not protected.


Information technology and the private sector in which we describe the impact on privacy, security, business, law, and other areas of interest.

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