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In-House Counsel


Is your company the target of a lawsuit?  Multiple lawsuits?  Are you conducting in-house discovery?  Any one of these events can put your firm in a position requiring the preservation and production of Electronically Stored Information (ESI).  Why engage OnlineSecurity to assist you?  Because self-collection often leads to spoliation, added costs, and possibly court sanction.  We are the consultants focused on cost effective, defensible, well targeted, data acquisition and review.  We guide you from case strategy and planning through all aspects of due diligence.  We will ensure the data is properly filtered for relevancy and provide the tools enabling your legal team to conduct advanced searches, tag the information for privilege, redact as needed, and produce the appropriate information and reports in any format.


How does OnlineSecurity reduce costs?  Its starts with experienced ESI Consulting, enabling the targeting of relevant information, and continues with deliberate project management and our processes which reduce data volumes to responsive and relevant information.  Depending on the case, for example, we can remotely profile your custodian’s data prior to collection and then remotely collect specifically targeted information as well.  These features are accompanied by our ability to assist you with implementing an electronic litigation hold.


Which services make sense for you?  A review of our offerings:


ESI Consulting:


  • Case Strategy and Planning

  • Rule 26 meeting preparation

  • Deposition preparation

  • ESI Response Plans or Discovery Demand Compilation

  • Declarations and Interrogatories

  • Expert Witness Testimony


IT Discovery & Technical Service:


  • Forensic ESI Harvesting and Preservation

  • Deleted file recovery

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Targeted ESI Harvesting

  • Remote Collections

  • Custodian Data Profiling/Early Case Assessment

  • Electronic Litigation Holds

  • Pre-filtering/Pre-E-Discovery Processing

  • Integrated Cloud Based E-Discovery Processing, Online Review, Hosting, and Production


Employer Protection Program


  • Former employee issues typically commence six months to a year after the employee has left the company. OnlineSecurity provides a cost-effective solution that enables companies to preserve critical evidence that may be needed down the line by using court accepted forensic protocols.

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