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IT Discovery


You think you have been hacked?  Intellectual Property stolen?  How did it happen?  What is the damage?  Who did it?  What is your client’s legal position? OnlineSecurity is your comprehensive information technology discovery services provider entirely geared to protecting your digital assets -- preventing threats from materializing, monitoring communications, providing incident response, and analyzing digital crime scenes. Our information technology discovery services cover a broad spectrum of cyber crimes not limited to:


Corporate espionage


Intellectual property theft, web page hijacking, web based trademark infringement, email spoofing


Privacy issues


Online fraud, identity theft, cyber stalking, email harassment.


Information Security & Incident Response


Hacking and cyber trespass, viruses, worms, and other malicious code (malware).


Employee Monitoring


Code analysis and comparison, packet capturing, online surveillance, IP and email tracing


Log file review and analysis, passive and active intelligence, computer and network forensics

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