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Large Size Firm


Large law firms frequently have significant litigation support resources in house.  Many times they also have e-discovery savvy attorneys.  What is not common is OnlineSecurity’s 17 years of accumulated end to end experience touching on all aspects of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and beyond.  Even less expected is a focus on cost containment based on effective project management and the reduction of unnecessary data volumes.  Our practice is divided into two comprehensive litigation support areas, any part of which can be applied as needed to your case:


ESI Consulting


  • Planning and Case Strategy

  • Rule 26 meeting preparation

  • Crafting the right questions for a deposition

  • Framing an ESI Response Plan or Creating the Targeted Discovery Demand

  • Declarations and Interrogatories

  • Expert Witness Testimony


Technical Services


  • Computer Forensics

  • Deleted file recovery

  • Forensic Data Analysis

  • Targeted Collections

  • Remote & On-Site Collections

  • Custodian Profiling/Early Case Assessment

  • Electronic Litigation Holds

  • Data Pre-filtering/Pre-Processing

  • Cloud Based Integrated E-Discovery Processing

  • Online Review & Hosting

  • Production


OnlineSecurity supports an as needed approach to ESI case management. If you need data collection/preservation, we will gladly produce the information in the most cost effective format for your litigation support department. Is litigation support unavailable or overwhelmed at the moment? We will provide your review team with easy to learn, powerful, and inexpensive tools to filter, review, and produce per your requirements.

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