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US judge orders firm to pay huge fee for ‘vast’ disclosure of foe’s secret docs


When it comes to imposing e-discovery sanctions, Paul Grewal, US magistrate judge in San Jose, can conjure unease in a way that recalls classic monster movie reveals. You know what’s coming is big and unseemly. The only questions are how big, and how unseemly?


Corporations Moving Into the E-discovery Driver's Seat 


As the economy recovers and companies settle into the "new normal," a tectonic shift in the relationship between corporations, law firms and e-discovery vendors is taking place. Today’s sophisticated corporate clients are looking for partners—law firms and e-discovery service providers—with demonstrated expertise in the broad, related fields of data management, data security and e-discovery...


The Case for Properly Managing Potentially Discoverable Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for Health Care Risk Managers


There are enough rules and regulations covering information generated by the Health Care industry to at least make all the legal parties aware they need to be careful. Whether it’s HIPPA or California SB 1386, or something else – something says “protect the information”...


Articulate Subpoena Costs to Call Off the Dogs in E-Discovery 


The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure's Rule 45, which outlines the subpoena process and how it relates to third-party e-discovery, was the topic of a Friday panel discussion at the American Bar Association's 8th Annual National Institute on E-Discovery, held at Proskauer Rose's 11 Times Square office in New York...

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