The OnlineSecurity Team

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Charles Balot
TEL: 310.815.8855 x212

     Mr. Balot, a founder of OnlineSecurity, began his foray into the computer industry in 1993 as a pioneer in computer network systems integration for the legal and business community. Mr. Balot’s expertise is in the application of cutting-edge technologies and reengineering of secure back office operations for the new generation of online e-commerce operations. Mr. Balot oversees the day-to-day operations of the company’s OnlineLabs programming division, responsible for the management and development of the iProtect suite of products for protecting corporate and government digital assets. Mr. Balot also co-manages the company’s marketing efforts and supervises OnlineSecurity’s outside business relationships, partnerships and strategic alliances.

Michael Balot
Director Business Marketing
TEL: 310.815.8855 x216

      Michael Balot implements a direct response data-driven approach to business growth with omni-channel digital marketing strategy & execution.  He is responsible for the creation and management of a wide variety of visual assets in all media including email, digital display, and web.  Develops high-quality and content driven marketing campaigns that reflect strategy and are compliant with OnlineSecurity's brand.

     In his spare time, Mr. Balot enjoys recording music in his home studio.  He has engineered recording sessions with various artists and songwriters, including work for major record labels as well as projects for placement in film and television.

Richard Gralnik
Senior Discovery Expert
TEL: 310.815.8855 x218

       Richard Gralnik is OnlineSecurity’s senior discovery expert. He has over 40 years of technical experience in the computer industry including 16 years as a forensic examiner. He has submitted expert reports on various technical subjects and has testified as an expert witness in depositions, evidentiary hearings, jury trials and arbitration. He began his career as a computer programmer, working for 2 years in COBOL, PL/1 and Basic on IBM PC’s and mainframes. He worked the next 6 years as a technical consultant for a minicomputer manufacturer, originally in programming languages and relational databases, then in computer networking where he advanced to the level of senior specialist. He was the technical liaison for the introduction of a distributed transaction processing system and won an award for the documentation he wrote for a mainframe terminal emulation application. Mr. Gralnik next combined his programming and networking experience to develop applications written in FORTRAN that transferred consumer credit information from the key reporting agencies to the client’s system. Following this successful installation he worked for 5 years as a network consultant on projects that included designing networks for an international computer manufacturer and one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the United States. Next Mr. Gralnik developed a series of 5-day classes on a network performance monitoring application and taught the courses in 8 countries. He also designed user interfaces and developed prototypes of new functionality for the software and consulted with Fortune 500 clients that used the application. Mr. Gralnik then worked in information security, implementing firewall protected local area networks, secure wireless networks and virtual private networks. During that time Mr. Gralnik served for 3 years as the chair of the Information and Telecommunications sector of the Los Angeles chapter of the InfraGard National Members Alliance. During that time Mr. Gralnik developed an interest in computer forensics. Since then he has examined data on hundreds of electronic storage devices. His analyses have included forensic preservation of computer hard drives, cell phones, PDA’s and other electronic storage media, development of timelines, searches for and production of responsive material and recovery of deleted data, He has consulted with plaintiff and defense attorneys on technical issues and electronic data discovery and developed lines of questioning for interrogatories, depositions and trials. Mr. Gralnik combines his forensic knowledge with his years of experience in operating systems, databases, email systems, networks, computer platforms and information security to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the creation, storage and use of electronic evidence.

Expert Witness Testimony

Has testified, submitted declarations or expert reports to the following courts:


United States District Court, Central District of California United States District Court, Northern District of California United States District Court, Southern District of California United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois United States District Court, Eastern District of New York Arizona Superior Court, Pima County

Arkansas Circuit Court, Pulaski County California Superior Court, Imperial County California Superior Court, Los Angeles County California Superior Court, Orange County California Superior Court, Sacramento County California Superior Court, San Francisco County California Superior Court, San Diego County California Superior Court, Santa Clara County Colorado District Court, El Paso County
South Dakota Sixth Judicial Circuit
Washington Superior Court, King County Arbitration, Los Angeles, California
Arbitration, Houston, Texas