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School District Discovery


Sexual Predation

Are school computers used in compliance with Acceptable Use Policy?  When school equipment is used for personal reasons, such as the inappropriate viewing of sexual images or conducting financial fraud, there is an obligation to identify and prosecute policy infractions.  The following are three key areas in which Computer Forensics is of significant importance to your School District:

Legal Defense

It is unfortunate that schools are a natural habitat for sexual predators.  If school computers are used by staff to view pornography or engage in inappropriate behavior with minors, it is incumbent upon you to leverage a process which identifies the issue, addresses the issue, and is the catalyst for which discovery begins.  Computer Forensic Technology & Electronic Discovery can be used to identify sexual predators in schools and lay the foundation for appropriate legal action.  Combined with non-computer information (video, eye witness, site entry records) as available, and expert testimony, OnlineSecurity (OLS) leverages best practices in the discovery and disclosure of sexual predation supported through clear and comprehensive reporting of results.

Financial Discovery 

Many times a school district faces outside legal action as a result of the activities of sexual predators or school district personnel in a variety of positions including law enforcement.  Individuals within the hierarchy of the school district are presented with lawsuits naming them as defendants.  One of the first obligations of the district is the preservation of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) for all named individuals.  If a matter moves forward, we will further assist you by consulting on, and assisting with, the review and production of ESI as needed.  OLS consults with in-house and outside counsel on all aspects of case strategy and technical support.  By using Computer Forensic Technology & Electronic Discovery, you are protecting the district by ensuring that potentially discoverable ESI is collected in a defensible manner avoiding spoliation and possible sanctions.  OnlineSecurity has the experience to help you avoid these mistakes.

Company Background

Financial Fraud is a fact of life in many organizations and this is true among school districts.  When presented with an opportunity for extra income, many individuals cannot resist and just as many do not realize the fingerprints they leave when they conduct this activity on computer based information.  Computer Forensic Technology & Electronic Discovery can capture and preserve the information pointing to the misappropriation of school or district funds.  Often working in conjunction with Forensic Accountants, OnlineSecurity can identify the technical source of the suspicious activity which prompted the need for discovery.  The result of their illegal efforts will be documented in findings reports and affidavits as needed.

For the past 16 years OnlineSecurity has assisted Human Resources professionals, Risk/Compliance managers, and Attorneys in meeting and resolving the legal issues surrounding the preservation and analysis of ESI.  Our focus has always been:


  • ESI Consulting, Planning, Strategy, and Expert Testimony

  • Computer Forensic Analysis

  • Cost effective, Intuitive, & Highly Capable E-Discovery Processing and Review


We work with you and your legal team to plan the case and ensure that you meet the mandate of responsible collection and preservation securing the best possible outcome for your efforts.  Detailed reporting is necessary to support the results of the investigations conducted on your behalf and an integral component of our work.  For more information please call or email: Charles Balot, 310-815-8855, ext: 212;

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