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Targeted Collections


Targeted data collections are flexible acquisitions of specific live data files.  While not a Forensic image, they are defensible and Forensically Sound ensuring that no part of the data set, such as Meta-Data, is altered in any way.  A targeted collection of data is not concerned with deleted files.  Indeed, while some files may have been deleted, they would not impact the potential outcome of the review.  Such cases often involve large volumes of homogenous information consistent with a particular industry such as banking and insurance,  as well as Anti-Trust or SEC matters.   The search is for a set of contracts and other documents wherein the content will be tested for specific characteristics repeated over the entire data set and not just found in one document. OnlineSecurity will filter the universe of data for duplicates and other irrelevant information, ultimately positioning your legal team to review the subset of information where time and effort are valued while substantially saving significant funds.


Other important features and capabilities of OnlineSecurity targeted collections:   


Remote collections of data can often be facilitated, mitigating travel, and the inherent costs therein, while significantly increasing efficiency.


Early Case Assessment (ECA) through the profiling of custodian data sets prior to collection, permitting the targeting of specific information while reducing unnecessary volume and, thereby, further reducing costs.  


OnlineSecurity can implement an electronic litigation hold, enabling our clients to demonstrate an established protocol for custodian notification, acknowledgement, and due diligence.

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