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ESI Consulting

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) can be critical to a legal matter and can easily complicate the discovery process. The electronic discovery rules require attorneys to be familiar with the complexities and nuances of computers, networks, and other electronic systems and, today especially, the courts expect attorneys to both know the rules and oversee their clients ESI activities.


OnlineSecurity provides attorneys with a comprehensive ESI consulting program designed to help shape successful electronic discovery plans. Our clients capitalize on our experts’ knowledge of the evolving rules pertaining to document preservation, collection, and production, as well as extensive experience addressing difficult electronic discovery issues. That experience is represented in the following examples of our services:


Rule 26 Meeting Preparation

  • OnlineSecurity will work with you to define your electronic information needs and objectives. If needed, we will also help you develop a comprehensive electronic discovery strategy for a complex litigation.


Discovery Strategy – Response and Demand Compilation

  • OnlineSecurity will alert you to the ESI nuances and subtleties involved in electronic discovery and assist you in crafting your document discovery requests and demands.

Depositions, Declarations, and Interrogatories

  • OnlineSecurity will assist you in compiling your discovery request documents, preparing for depositions related to ESI, and help you draft pre-discovery deposition queries.


Expert Witness Testimony

  • OnlineSecurity’s experts are qualified and experienced at testifying to the process and authenticity related to ESI discovery evidence. Our expert witnesses are well-versed in presenting complex technical information in a clear and compelling manner, bolstering your case with authoritative and credible testimony.

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