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eDiscovery &
Digital Forensics Services

OnlineSecurity provides comprehensive litigation support and investigative services, specializing in eDiscovery and Digital Forensics. With over 20 years of experience, we unlock the power of digital evidence.

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About Us

About Us

At OnlineSecurity, we specialize in providing comprehensive eDiscovery and Digital Forensics technical and consulting services. As a trusted partner, we empower individuals, businesses, and legal professionals to navigate the complex world of digital data with confidence. With a team of highly skilled experts and certified professionals, we bring a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to every engagement.


OnlineSecurity is focused on cost effective end to end litigation support. Our litigation support practice divides into three key areas:

eDiscovery Solutions

As a leading litigation support company, we offer a wide range of eDiscovery solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our comprehensive services encompass data preservation, collection, processing, review, and production.

Digital Forensics

At OnlineSecurity, we employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques to extract and analyze digital evidence from various devices and platforms. From forensic collections and data recovery to malware analysis and counter surveillance, we provide comprehensive forensic solutions to unveil the truth.

ESI Consulting

OnlineSecurity provides a comprehensive ESI consulting program designed to help shape successful electronic discovery plans. Our clients capitalize on our experts’ knowledge of the evolving rules pertaining to document preservation, collection, and production. In addition, we also provide expert witness testimony when necessary.


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